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appeler.ai uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms along with large, original representative datasets to infer additional information about a person from their name. Use cases include, among other things, better targeting, building fairer ML models, and answering questions about racial inequality.

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About Us

appeler.ai was founded by two machine learning scientists with a record of producing top notch widely used software.

Gaurav Sood is a data scientist. You can learn more about him here. And Suriyan Laohaprapanon is a computer scientist and machine learning engineer.

Both Gaurav and Suriyan are active contributors to the open source. Some of the software and data that has been produced can be found here, here, and here.


Happy Clients. Our service has been used by people at vera.org to shed light on racial bias in incarceration, by Zillow to shed light on racial bias in mortgages, by SCAN Health Plan to shed light on bias in health services, among other organizations.


Downloads of our open source packages that expose basic versions of what we provide here.


Years of experience building ML models that get more information from names.


Get more information about a name---get race, ethnicity, gender, etc.



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  • 100 API calls
  • Get all the metadata on a name


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